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If someone is dealing with deephouse, techno and dubmusic the probability is high to come across the name of Mandy Jordan. It is definitively not possible to pigeonhole her music as it is sometimes profound and very often minimal, hypnotic and just refreshing. She’s always keeping track on everything that’s going on in her musical surroundings and she also likes to have a look back into the past. Finally Mandy likes music which resides between techno and house. She is one of the kinds who formed and developed minimal techno especially in the eastern part of Germany. In the end that’s really not surprising as she and her boyfriend Daniel are having their own record and mp3 label for minimal and house music since already five years. Therefore Vekton Music and Vee Recordings became a very important part of her life. Since she turned 15 she went regularly to partys where she always got the main inspiration for her work. Mandy was born in Görlitz and she spent her youth in a couple of different cities in Germany. After she finished her studies of economics successfully she moved to Kamenz which is located pretty close to the main city of Dresden. In Kamenz she’s also having her office and appendant studio. Here she’s working on her music, taking care of all the label work as well as coordinating all of the bookings.

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Wenn man sich mit Deephouse, Techno und Dubmusik beschäftigt wird man sehr wahrscheinlich auf den Namen Mandy Jordan stoßen. Ihre Musik ist keineswegs in eine Schublade einzuordnen, manchmal mit viel Tiefe und oft minimal, hynotisch und frisch. Sie beobachtet genau was musikalisch um sie herum passiert, schaut dabei auch sehr gerne in die Vergangenheit zurück. Mandy spielt die Musik, die sich irgendwo zwischen Techno und House befindet. Sie ist eine von denen, die Minimaltechno gerade in Ostdeutschland sehr geprägt und weiterentwickelt haben. Ist ja auch kein Wunder, denn seit gut 5 Jahren betreibt sie nebst Freund Daniel ein Vinyl und ein Mp3 Label für Minimal und Housemusik. Vekton Musik und Vee Recordings sind zu einer großen Aufgabe in Ihrem Künstlerleben herangewachsen. Seit sie 15 Jahre alt ist geht sie regelmäßig auf Partys und holt sich dort das meiste ihrer Inspiration. Mandy ist in Görlitz geboren und in ihren jüngsten Jahren lebte Sie in verschiedenen Städten Deutschlands. Nachdem Sie 2006 ihr Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften erfolgreich beendet hat, lebt sie nun in Kamenz, in der Nähe von Dresden. Dort befinden sich auch ihr Labeloffice und das dazugehörige Studio. Hier arbeitet Mandy an ihrer Musik, kümmert sich um die Labelarbeit und die Koordination der Bookings.

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I think that some of you have noted that I play no more gigs for several weeks. It is on account of the lovely fact that I become a mummy at the end of this year. I make a break till April, 2013. I hope that you will not forget me, while I am away. Hugs, your Mandy


OUT NOW: "Dandy Tracks A" - Vekton Musik 022

Daniel Madlung and Mandy Jordan created their deejay and producer project called “Dandy” in 2011. Their sound is focused on profound electronic music. The both artists and label owners plan a series of releases in the upcoming future. For now enjoy the “Dandy Tracks A”.

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"Amanda’s Somewhere" Review in Debug No. 160

Der Titeltrack zittert extrem elegant durch seine leicht dubbige Harmonie, säuselt dazu durch die Räume, pustet gelegentlich mal einen Chord, aber eigentlich trägt sich so ein Ding von selbst in seinem tänzelnd warmen Kaminfeuerglück des schwingenden Pulsierens. Manchmal kann man eben auch im richtigen Moment hängen bleiben. “Chord Action” zeigt dann mit seinen krabbelnden Minimalgrooves, dass Mandy Jordan definitiv immer genau weiß, wann weniger mehr ist und zielgenau die kurzen tragenden Sounds sucht, die einem reduzierten Track seinen Charakter geben. Der Daniel-Madlung-Remix wirkt zunächst mal ähnlich, hat aber einen klassischeren Dubtechnoansatz im Groove und verfolgt eher einen typischen Aufbau. bleed

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OUT NOW: "Amanda’s Somewhere" - Vekton Musik 021

“Amanda’s Somewhere” is the next EP on Mandy Jordan’s & Daniel Madlung’s Label Vekton Musik. Actual “Amanda” is the closer & deeper project of Mandy. She decided to release the tracks after a long time break down cause now they are ripened to release. Daniel complement the EP with a furthermore creation of “Chord Action”.

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3rd place for Dandy´s Nachtdigital Track in the Oh!Yeah!Music Contest

And The Winners Are 1 Building One 2 Kolibri 2 Immanent(Ronny Konstabel) 3 Boxoq 3 Dandy aka Daniel Madlung & Mandy Jordan 4 Amid Emteori

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Mandy´s "Soe La Loco" on V/A Passionsfrucht

Presstext of Frucht 020: Passionsfrucht is a juicy female special, where we brought together very active talents of the worlds electronic scene. Next to dark minimal that made us succesful, we celebrate our 020 with deep, abstract and crazy influences, that are always welcome on our label. After a freaky intro-track by canadian Dugong (Smallroom), you´ll see our technoid face with brilliant artists like serbian Yoma, banging Go!Diva or Miss Sunshine (Der Hut) from Croatia, we just met in Berlin for a FRUCHT Label Showcase. As cooltips we deliver french Tess Wassila, Denise Ion (Redukt) from Istambul and Rosie aka Nicole Rosie (On&On) from our Amsterdam Connection. For fans of deepness we like to introduce Siz.da (Numbolic) from Berlin to our family. Spanish Leticia Lemach turns her work into an abstract grooving candy, like we also offer with Alicia Hush from Toronto. To leave this party-release with a positive mood, we have some techy clubtunes for your crate: Hey Karolin! (Hi Freaks), Mandy Jordan (Vekton) and Viktoria Rebeka (Queens Of Minimal Techno) delivered housy smiles. We welcome these new acts on FRUCHT plus say hello to old friends of the label. Enjoy our "female only passion sampler" and find the favourite style for your ears. Or maybe better: love them all, like we do.

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New remix on the swedish label Kant Recordings.

Lilith have had a very busy year in the studio. She has been working on her debut album out on Kant Recordings, it is due for release in November. The first single off the album is Mentalism, a soft and laidback piece of techno. On remix duty you will find Manou De Jean, he added some heavy beats and attitude to the track. Mandy Jordan is also contributing with a deep techno kind of vibe. Very nice! So keep your eyes and ears open for Lilith and her upcoming adventures on Kant. Enjoy! The Kant team.

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OUT NOW: "The Lovely Place EP" - Vee Recordings 1.9

The lovely place is a place which is inspiring and peaceful. The panorama puts our thinkings in perspective and keeps ourselves grounded. Mandy mirrors this panorama with her new EP. An acoustic enrichment for our unique label catalogue.

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Whatpeopleplay - Featured Charts - July 2011

Mandys July 2011 Charts are featured by the german musicplatform www.whatpeopleplay.com

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"Evita" Review in Debug No. 152

Sehr relaxte minimale Tracks mit viel warmem Bass und langsamen Bewegungen im Groove, verstörter Stimme und einem glitzernd behutsamen Flair in allen vier Stücken, die auf die Dauer eine durch und durch feine Stimmung erzeugen, auch wenn sie nicht gerade vor Höhepunkten strotzen. Musik, zu der man sich ziemlich entspannt zurücklehnen kann, denn irgendwie ist auf diese klassisch schwingende Art von minimalem Sound einfach Verlass. bleed

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OUT NOW: "Evita" - Vekton Musik 018

„Evita“ is Mandy Jordans conclusion of her feelings and observations of last winter. By means of converging sound and creativity, Mandys latest EP forms a perceptibly dulcet piece of music. Tracks are made for the dancefloor and whet you appetite. Enjoy!

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"Blackbird Ep" Review in Debug No. 151

Mein Lieblingstrack dieser manchmal stark in Richtung Dubtechno gehenden Platte ist definitiv “Pure Snow” weil hier eben einfach alle Qualitäten dieses Sounds am besten zusammen kommen. Klare slammende Grooves, schwere Harmonien, sanfte Wendungen, süssliche aber dennoch geheimnissvolle Sounds und ab und an an hymnischer Break. Aber auch die anderen Tracks entwickeln nach und nach ihre unnachahmliche Tiefe, die immer von Melodien aus Licht durchdrungen ist, aber immer auch sehr unaufdringlich bleibt. Eine Platte die man entdecken muss. bleed

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OUT NOW: "Blackbird EP" - Vee Recordings 1.9

The days of the recurring spring with its different colourful and musical contrasts stay always in everybodys mind cause already the ancients said: „Winters come and winters go”. Snow and ice are slowly mating with the courtship behaviour of the first massengers of spring, which disclose their identity via marking their territory by multifariously singing and tweeting. By giving a hearing to „Blackbird EP”, you will note a natural spectacle of apparently fulgurous agitation and animal sounds that whoop out of the trees into the nature, which are invariably reprocicated by other conspecifics. The harmonical and comprehensive conception patterns this EP almost like the droplet marking in the blackbirds plumage. „Blackbird EP” is a demonstration for the rebirth of nature after long and cold months and it mirrors Mandys personal touch with nature at the same time.

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Mandy Jordan - Heimatmelodien Reloaded Strausberg - 02.04.2011

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Vekton Musik portrait by Mandy Jordan & Terrik Mode on vibe.cd


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Interview - Beat Magazin #57-06/2010

July 2010 - Interview - Beat Magazin #57-06/2010

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Vekton Musik 022 Dandy Tracks B Vekton Musik 024 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Daniel Madlung & Mandy Jordan Dandy Tracks A Vekton Musik 022 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Mandy Jordan Amanda’s Somewhere Vekton Musik 021 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Mandy Jordan The Lovely Place EP Vee Recordings 1.9 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Mandy Jordan Evita Vekton Musik 018 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Mandy Jordan Blackbird EP Vee Recordings 1.7 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Mandy Jordan Me To You Vekton Musik 016 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Mandy Jordan Toni Funk Vekton Musik 014 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Mandy Jordan Rolltypes Vekton Musik 004 echo $data['DATE']; ?>


Lilith Mentalism Mandy Jordan Remix LW Recordings 005 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
David Durango Velvet Forest Mandy Jordan Remix Mina Records Vol. 2 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Lilith Mentalism Mandy Jordan Remix Kant Recordings 043 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Lilith Mentalism Mandy Jordan Remix Kant Recordings 041 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Christian Dittmann Sonando Con Luces Mandy Jordan Remix Numbolic 012 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Hidenobu Ito Bass Wave Mandy Jordan Remix Earlydub 002 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Microbodies The Tower Mandy Jordan Remix Vee Recordings 1.3 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Omar Salgado Monstre Mandy Jordan Remix Numbolic 009 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
David Durango Velvet Forest Mandy Jordan Detroit Dub Mina Records 002 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
David Durango Velvet Forest Mandy Jordan Remix Mina Records 002 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Allan Villar Fuel Mandy Jordan Remix Inminimax Records 039 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Anneke Laurent Pitoo Mandy Jordan & Terrik Mode Remix Vee Recordings 1.1 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Display FM Four Miles Mandy Jordan Remix Numbolic 006 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Eda In Your Face Mandy Jordan Remix Smallroom Music 4.1 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Alberto Di Mario Kawabanga Mandy Jordan Remix Weplayminimal 006 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Saccobros Intervallo Mandy Jordan Remix Vekton Musik 009 echo $data['DATE']; ?>

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Connected Choices 1 Daniel Madlung & Mandy Jordan Bellpark Vekton Musik 023 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
V/A Passionsfrucht Mandy Jordan Soe La Loco Frucht echo $data['DATE']; ?>
2 Years Meleon Music Mandy Jordan Tappa Tappa Meleon Music echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Twenty Twenty Amanda Somewhere Vekton Musik Free 020 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Twenty Twenty Mandy Jordan Chord Action Vekton Musik Free 020 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Celebrate Minimal Techno Alberto Di Mario Kawabanga - Mandy Jordan Remix Cherry Pickers echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Journey To The Jungle Vol. 4 Allan Villar Fuel - Mandy Jordan Remix Inminimax Records 046 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Various Artists Mandy Jordan Quency Unpleased Records 002 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Summer Spirit 2008 Mandy Jordan Man At Gobi BRB Allstars 2007 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Stereo Park Mandy Jordan Quency Vekton Musik Free 015 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Restart One Mandy Jordan Mien Vekton Musik 007 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Marry Klein 2007 Mandy Jordan Man At Gobi Harry Klein Networks 002 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Summer Spirit 2007 Mandy Jordan & Exec Bat Davon BRB Allstars 006 echo $data['DATE']; ?>
Summer Spirit 2006 Mandy Jordan & Exec Bat Der September 2005 BRB Allstars 005 echo $data['DATE']; ?>


Daniel Madlung & Mandy Jordan - Dandy Podcast Echo Festival 2012 - 03/2012

Daniel Madlung & Mandy Jordan - Dandy Podcast 001 - 02/2012

Mandy Jordan - Hello Afternoon - 04/2011

Mandy Jordan - Everlasting Treasuries - 03/2011

Mandy Jordan - Hidden Butterfly - 02/2011

Mandy Jordan - Curious Moments - 01/2011

Mandy Jordan - Mandy Jordan - Confetti & Streamer - 12/2010

Mandy Jordan - Groove On The Roof - 11/2010

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